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Darash Bindra

Licensee Salesperson

Darash is an accomplished Project Management and Quantity Surveying professional, driven by a passion for precision and a commitment to delivering successful construction projects.

Darash embarked on his journey with a solid educational foundation, earning a Master’s in Engineering Project Management from AUT and a Diploma in Quantity Surveying from Unitec/Te Pukenga along with an NZ Diploma in IT Operations and a Bachelor of Engineering from India.

Over the past few years of his career, ranging from residential developments to complex commercial structures to hospitals, Darash has honed his skills of Team Management, Budgeting, Cost Control, Procurement, Risk Management & Quality Assurance, and ensuring that each project he undertakes is meticulously planned and executed.

After working for companies like Fletcher Building, Humes Pipelines, Reofab Limited, Nauhria Group, HCL, and Slingshot, Darash now owns and operates businesses in Wellington ranging from Retail, Petrol Pumps, Project Management & Quantity Surveying Consultancy. 

After a decade of working as a Project Management and Quantity Surveying professional, Darash decided to take on a new pathway to be a Real Estate Agent. He is well-equipped with a customer-centric mindset, adaptability, and commitment to providing tailored solutions to the unique needs of each client with a personalised client engagement approach.