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Suzi Gambitsis

Licensee Salesperson


Why should you choose me as your Real Estate agent?

Because I "get" this, it's not about me, it's about you.

I've been selling Real Estate for over 20 years now and been through the highs and lows and I'm still here. I still love this career as much as I did when I first walked into my first position in Havelock North.

When I first started we didn't have digital cameras and then we transitioned to a HUGE 1 mega-pixel camera that all the agents in our office had to share. And now we have phones with cameras that can produce high definition movies and then upload them to YouTube. I've always loved the way that technology can work to your advantage. I was the first agent in our office to have her own web site. I was first to automatically email buyers suggesting properties they might be interested in viewing. I still have my own web site and we still email buyers although my web site looks nothing like the one I first started with!

Marketing has changed incredibly from when we only had Newspapers and now we have a seemingly unlimited list of options from web sites with video, photo slide shows, floor plans as well as multiple print media options. All of these options can be confusing and expensive. I understand that, and will always give you the option to tailor any marketing plan to reflect your financial situation.

I'm SERIOUS about Real Estate, it's my chosen profession and I undertook studies to increase my knowledge to a level where I could run my own Real Estate office if I chose to (I choose not to, that's another story). It took me two years of part time study to qualify as an Associate of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (AREINZ).

The law changed in 2008 and my industry is now governed by Real Estate Agents Act 2008 - you guessed it, that meant more study and more exams which I passed.

And without being immodest, you should choose to work with me because I am very good at selling houses. In the years 2008 to July 2018, I have sold over 360 houses worth a total value of $155 million throughout the Hutt Valley.


  • 2019/2020 - Executive
  • 2017/2018 - Premier Performer
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